Brit West

Beautiful Vintage Saddle Leather, Natural American Turquoise, and Sterling Silver, what could be better? After years of outfitting and ranching I began collecting old saddles and bridles, intrigued with the dark, rich vintage leather. Out of this love has sprung a creative, and heartfelt journey that takes me to barns and saddle shops, and is always an adventure of place and characters.. I get so excited to find the old 1800's teamster driving reins, and retired cowboy saddle leather, that was used to create the American West. This job requires hours of reclaiming, including several sessions of cleaning, skiving, sanding and sealing to produce the back drop of my American turquoise cuffs, hatbands, and belts. I have since traveled to Ecuador to obtain beautiful hand woven panama straws, and having learned the trade of shaping and blocking, am now offering a full line of felt and straw hats. From choosing and cutting rough turquoise from the mines in Arizona, Nevada , and New Mexico, to working with various American artist with my visions, our product shows the love and dedication it takes to be 100% handcrafted. I will always strive to produce western pieces with classic timelessness. Focusing on what we choose to create, with much gratefulness for our abundance, is the key to our success. Thanks you so much for visiting. Made in the USA, better yet, made in Wyoming!